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operative suite

Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage

Analytical Suite

Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

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Today, many activities and services dedicated to the Sales Force need to be managed with more attention than in the past




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Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage for pharma companies

Operational Suite

In a fast-paced changing market, a customer-oriented approach is the key to success for companies wishing to have a continuous growth.

Trueblue’s Operational Suite

Trueblue’s Operational Suite is based on a proprietary CRM solution and on a set of innovative modules that fully meet the business needs of the companies operating in the pharmaceutical market. As a matter of fact, it helps them to transform customer experience into a competitive advantage that leads to differentiation, innovation and better results. Furthermore, Trueblue’s Operational Suite increases productivity through an integrated information management, making the management of business processes faster and more efficient.

Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market and it allows you to: 

  • Take advantage of the market best practices thanks to the experience Trueblue gained in over 20 years of cooperation with companies
  • Lower the TCO thanks to the SaaS - Software as a Service in the Cloud formula
  • Organise and customise customer experience through different channels
  • Analyse performances by integrating all data coming from the activities on the customer

Annual increase

New Multichannel CRM implementations worldwide

+20 %2014

+100 %2015

+120 %2016


Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market

It is fast, flexible and comprehensive.

  • FAST: fast implementation times
  • FLEXIBLE: easy customisation thanks to the plug-in mode  
  • COMPREHENSIVE: everything you need in one unique tool
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Retail Channel

The Trueblue CRM RETAIL module is a powerful and flexible tool supporting the marketing and direct sales activities at the points of sales

This module has been developed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies that directly supply points of sales, such as pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals.
The added value of this module is that it shares information with the main systems already used by the Company, allowing the CRM RETAIL to be much more than just an order entry management tool. 
As a matter of fact, the system communicates with all major Pharma solutions on the market: ERP, CRM, IMS, AC Nielsen, etc.. Besides, it is also available on mobile devices.
The Retail Module includes the following applications:

Integration with Pharma Data

The system provides the native integration and sharing of business information within the CRM, such as
  • Calls frequency in the territory
  • Promotions management focussed on pharmacies
  • Call reporting management
  • Sales internal turnovers (ERP)
  • Hospital and retail sales: volume and value (sell-out IMS)
  • Accounts, physicians and pharmacies’ archives
  • Integration with ERP
The system provides native integration and sharing of the administrative and commercial information of the main ERP systems, such as:
  • Customers’ Master Data
  • Products’ Master Data
  • Price lists (prices and discounts)
  • Orders
  • Invoices/credit notes


The operations of the sales agents are also available on the customised mobile App, designed for iPads but also compatible with other mobile devices. The solution works both online and offline, thanks to an information-caching method.
The Retail Core CRM is composed of the following applications:
Customers Management
  • Complete mapping of the points of sales (pharmacies, wholesalers, hospitals and GDOs)
  • Management of the accounting information
  • Management of the Profiling & Targeting information
  • Management of the Purchasing potential by customer
Operational Management

  • Customers’ Target Analysis
  • Orders/Returned goods Analysis
  • Turnover Analysis
  • Master data movement
  • Market Data 

Order Entry

Taking Orders Anytime, anywhere
Trueblue’s Retail CRM system is the best solution as it provides all the necessary tools for a complete order processing. Furthermore, this solution is fast, efficient, effective and customizable.
Trueblue meets its customers’ expectations, as it offers a sales module that works online, offline and mobile, thus guaranteeing a real-time order entry. Therefore, the agents’ workflow becomes more and more efficient, as they can always browse all sorts of updated information, such as contacts, historic information, activities, opportunities and price lists. 
The advanced features of the application permit to:

The project’s start-up phase allows creating the controls and the rules that determine how the logics will work. It is possible to:
  • Instantly and automatically hold orders that have certain features (low stock, stocks out, expected delivery delays, insolvencies)
  • Prepare specific pricings by customer
  • Choose between delivery address and billing address (ship to, sell to)
  • Use promotional codes and loyalty certificates details
  • Manage transfer orders
Any information about products, such as the price, can be interfaced with the ERP system. The Retail CRM has been created, in both reading and writing mode, to be fully compatible with the invoicing software the Company uses. The system permits to make strategic decisions, applying rules based on the purchased units or on the client’s loyalty. In this way, prices are automatically calculated and the system will help in any step of the process. 

Targeting & Profiling

The Targeting & Profiling module permits to profile and then target Pharmacies following a flexible procedure, aligned with the Company's business strategy.
Some targeting parameters are
  • Percentage of customers by socioeconomic range
  • Availability of special foods
  • Availability of tools for self-analysis and measurements
  • Availability of hygienic and cosmetic products
  • Surface, shop windows, exhibition spaces
  • Numbers of services offered
Account Planning and Action Plan
The Account Planning and Action Plan Module allows planning the annual business activities that sales agents want to perform with the point of sale, based on the historical orders and turnovers of the previous years. 
The annual planning defines a specific action plan for the sales agents on their customers.
From a statistical perspective, the company will be able to perform a complete analysis of all future or past activities onto a specific client, including the pharmacy’s area of influence on the surrounding zones (physicians and patients). 
Sales Commissions
The tool is a dynamic and powerful tool for the calculation of the incentives for agents and for the field force, based on the performance indicators available in the Trueblue's Analytical CRM.
Furthermore, the native integration with the analytical instrument allows the Sales Management to create new formulas in real time or to simulate new commissions patterns in order to maximize the sales action strategy.
Loyalty plans
The Loyalty Plans module allows for a sophisticated management of the points of sales’ loyalty techniques, based on changeable and parametric fidelity criteria defined by the Company.
Some typical parameters for this retention process are:
  • Turnover
  • Delivery availability of sell-out data
  • Availability of cooperation with wholesalers
  • Assortment of ordered products
  • Growth of targeted products
  • Target achieving 
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Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

Analytical Suite



For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been cooperating with the marketing and commercial divisions of the main multinational pharma companies