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operative suite

Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage

Analytical Suite

Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

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Today, many activities and services dedicated to the Sales Force need to be managed with more attention than in the past




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Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage for pharma companies

Operational Suite

In a fast-paced changing market, a customer-oriented approach is the key to success for companies wishing to have a continuous growth.

Trueblue’s Operational Suite

Trueblue’s Operational Suite is based on a proprietary CRM solution and on a set of innovative modules that fully meet the business needs of the companies operating in the pharmaceutical market. As a matter of fact, it helps them to transform customer experience into a competitive advantage that leads to differentiation, innovation and better results. Furthermore, Trueblue’s Operational Suite increases productivity through an integrated information management, making the management of business processes faster and more efficient.

Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market and it allows you to: 

  • Take advantage of the market best practices thanks to the experience Trueblue gained in over 20 years of cooperation with companies
  • Lower the TCO thanks to the SaaS - Software as a Service in the Cloud formula
  • Organise and customise customer experience through different channels
  • Analyse performances by integrating all data coming from the activities on the customer

Annual increase

New Multichannel CRM implementations worldwide

+20 %2014

+100 %2015

+120 %2016


Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market

It is fast, flexible and comprehensive.

  • FAST: fast implementation times
  • FLEXIBLE: easy customisation thanks to the plug-in mode  
  • COMPREHENSIVE: everything you need in one unique tool
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CRM Events Management

Transparency for a rapid and precise workflow

The Initiative and Events Management Module is part of the more comprehensive CRM Pharma Trueblue suite and encloses a wide range of functional applications that support the whole marketing and sales Events Management process. The solution can be integrated with other systems in the Company IT architecture.

Pharma companies find this solution mandatory to comply with all the National Laws and Pharmaceutical Companies Associations ethical policies regarding Congresses and Events. Moreover, this module by Trueblue allows for a faster and more accurate Congress Management workflow, providing the Congress Department with a more efficient working methodology.

The Module consists of several applications:

The main promotional event types in the system are:
  • Multi-sponsor Events: Institutional events, Local events
  • Mono-sponsor Events: Head Office Forum, Field Forum, Local Meeting
  • Other Events: Factory Visits, Scientific consultancies
  • Other Investments: Scientific books, Money/Goods donations
  • Clinical Trials: Initiatives managed by medical department

Budgeting & Events planning

The budgeting & marketing events planning module permits to manage the events in advance. Some of the tasks it allows to perform are:

Completed the budgeting phase, it is possible to proceed with the event planning phase. Templates for standard scientific programs are published, which the dedicated staff fills in. Besides, all other documents related to promotional events are uploaded, for users involved in the revision and approval process. The module provides a full set of features for the management of the events approval workflow, including step-by-step statuses progression, deadline alert & monitoring and each phase of the user responsibilities management. Of course, the sales force – usually Area Managers – can access to the events catalogue and fill in the information that they are allowed to enter.

Events Operational Management

Trueblue's Events Operational Management Module not only allows companies to manage events, but it also alerts the users’ responsibility and the due date through specific reports listing the status of the marketing events. The module also permits to monitor the events’ status. In fact, when a deadline is approaching, the system sends customized alerts and e-mail warnings to the users in charge. Using Microsoft Office Word templates, the application also provides automatic pre-configured documents related to the marketing events and invitation forms for the Area Managers’ physicians.
Moreover, the data flow is integrated with other systems:
  • Customer archive from ETMS/CRM system
  • Data upload from the budgeting system of the company business unit/product budget
  • Bidirectional data flow with the ERP system for purchase requests/orders and invoices

Events Monitoring

This Events Monitoring Module provides:

Agencies Management

The management of an event requires the support of external agencies, whose daily operations are restricted to some particular activities defined by the Company. With the Agencies Management Module, the company can give immediate visibility and operations rights to some specific Agencies that cooperate with it for the events’ organization. As a matter of fact, through internet and VPNs, these agencies will be able to interact with Trueblue’s Events Management Solution increasing the level of efficiency of the overall process.

CRM Clinical Trials

Nowadays, also Medical Department activities need to be integrated with the usual commercial activities. Trueblue’s Operational CRM solution also includes a specific module called Clinical Trial, dedicated to the investments managed by the Pharmaceutical Medical Department.
The Clinical Trial covers the following processes:

The managed investments include:
  • Clinical Trials
  • Education Grant
  • Advisory Board
  • Other types of investments
Trueblue's Customer Data Warehouse, pre-arranged for Medical Analysis, can easily analyze all these clinical processes.
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Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

Analytical Suite



For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been cooperating with the marketing and commercial divisions of the main multinational pharma companies