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operative suite

Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage

Analytical Suite

Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

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Today, many activities and services dedicated to the Sales Force need to be managed with more attention than in the past




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Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage for pharma companies

Operational Suite

In a fast-paced changing market, a customer-oriented approach is the key to success for companies wishing to have a continuous growth.

Trueblue’s Operational Suite

Trueblue’s Operational Suite is based on a proprietary CRM solution and on a set of innovative modules that fully meet the business needs of the companies operating in the pharmaceutical market. As a matter of fact, it helps them to transform customer experience into a competitive advantage that leads to differentiation, innovation and better results. Furthermore, Trueblue’s Operational Suite increases productivity through an integrated information management, making the management of business processes faster and more efficient.

Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market and it allows you to: 

  • Take advantage of the market best practices thanks to the experience Trueblue gained in over 20 years of cooperation with companies
  • Lower the TCO thanks to the SaaS - Software as a Service in the Cloud formula
  • Organise and customise customer experience through different channels
  • Analyse performances by integrating all data coming from the activities on the customer

Annual increase

New Multichannel CRM implementations worldwide

+20 %2014

+100 %2015

+120 %2016


Today, this integrated and scalable solution is the most comprehensive on the market

It is fast, flexible and comprehensive.

  • FAST: fast implementation times
  • FLEXIBLE: easy customisation thanks to the plug-in mode  
  • COMPREHENSIVE: everything you need in one unique tool
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CRM Key Account Management

The Key Account Management module is part of the more comprehensive CRM Pharma Trueblue Suite..

The Key Account Management module is part of the more comprehensive CRM Pharma Trueblue Suite and it best describes itself as an innovative tool to support the Key Account Manager activities. It manages the processes and the organizational model still in evolution of the new Health environment.

Pharmaceutical companies have been forced to make difficult decisions in recent years due to the constant shifts and changes the market is suffering. The massive introduction of the Key Account Management role has been considered by many the most liable to generate economic benefits. The system itself nevertheless has changed a lot and it is not sufficient accepting the changes, but the companies themselves have to change their way of thinking and behaving: has risen the need to re-invent the Pharma world.

The Pharmaceutical industry has significantly contributed to the improvement of Health service; until recently it has been able to impose its conditions, from the exclusivity of researches and patents to the prices. But reality has dramatically changed because of the huge health deficits, the so called Patent Cliff from which also big-pharma drugs are falling off, keeping costs within (reasonable) bounds, a drastic turn towards patients, etc.

Key Account Management or Market Access or Public Affairs has lately become the central theme of the industry, and is the most fitting response to the known need of an holistic approach: get the correct directions and labels, develop a strategic data analysis and a through Pharma-economic plan are actions that need a complete devotion to the stakeholders and observational analysis of their needs, as well a remarkable managing of a Marketing and Sales Business Network.

Trueblue system fulfills all these needs, supporting the various KAM Teams in managing the relationships with the decision-makers and the stakeholders at national or county-regional level:

Relationships are managed through the definition and the monitoring of the most important processes as: Regional Business Planning, Process Governance, Local Key Accounting, New Players Relationships, Project Management and Action Plans.

Regional Commercial Plan

The increasing autonomy of local health NHS and LHAs structures makes it mandatory for companies to consider every Region and every County as a single market to address with specific sales strategy.
The Regional Commercial Plan module is an advanced planning and analysis tool that on a regional and product basis supports sales strategy set up in terms of objectives, tools, resources and action plans.
All information is then summarized to the Country level. Local operational strategies can be compared with actual sales results in a planning, monitor, results control closed-loop process.
The Regional Commercial Plan module is such a powerful tool that can be used as a standalone system, beyond the Key Account Management RCP Module, thanks to Trueblue's Customer Data Warehouse.

Planning Management Account Planning

The Account Planning module allows the user to design, plan and execute the actions that the company has decided to manage.
An example of action is how to manage a tender or how to insert a pharma product into the local or regional therapeutic handbook.
The Planning management module will help the company to:

Account management

The Account Management Module is the way, used by Trueblue customers, to have a 360 degrees unique vision on all company activities planned and done on a specific account.

The clear objective achieved with this solution is that all the company actors and the company itself could have a clear understanding and a broad range of information about all the activities managed on a specific account and all its relevant stakeholderds.

The implementation of this module implies the ability to collect different information on the account: market sales information, internal sales, sales and medical activities, tender data, NHS and LHS available data.

Networking Stakeholders

Networking Stakeholder Module allows a visual solution to explain the type and the quality of the links, from strength to typology in order to manage a full stakeholder engagement program.
Trueblue, based on customers experience, has developed functionalities for these kind of relations between stakeholders:
  • Gerarchic
  • Scientific
  • Pharma-Economic
The "easy to use" visual output along with its logic structure then allows the user to have a quick understanding of the general situation, with the possibility to always perform a drill down of every information stored.
Moreover in the system there is the possibility to manage historical roles for each stakeholders.
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Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

Analytical Suite



For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been cooperating with the marketing and commercial divisions of the main multinational pharma companies