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operative suite

Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage

Analytical Suite

Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

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Expertise, innovation and quality dedicated to the pharma world



Today, many activities and services dedicated to the Sales Force need to be managed with more attention than in the past




Our experience at the service of the pharma industry



Operational Suite

Customer experience is a competitive advantage for pharma companies

Operational Suite


Analytical Suite

Integrate, monitor and analyse data for the business of pharma companies

Analytical Suite

Collecting, aligning, managing and analysing multiple data coming from various sources. This is nowadays’ need of pharma companies that wish to identify successful and strategic decisions.

To support business strategies

Trueblue’s Analytical Suite offers a model capable to integrate, harmonise and identify all KPIs and data, to support business strategies and evaluate their effectiveness and impact. Furthermore, Trueblue’s model, focused on the collection of information, gives the opportunity to create reports and analytical processes supporting the whole decisional and strategic phase. As a matter of fact, it is based on an analytical engine



The most innovative solution at a corporate level.

that automatically analyses various data, aiming at identifying the expertise path that best suits a company’s business. Thanks to its twenty-year experience in the pharmaceutical market, Trueblue offers not only an integrated and integrable model, but also a consulting service for all commercial divisions of pharma companies. Thus, in few years Trueblue has made a name for itself and has become the most innovative solution at a corporate level. 



Installed in more than 26 countries and used by more than 25,000 people


15 years of continuous evolution within 250,000 hours of research and development


Library consists of more than 250 KPIs, 500 analyzes and processes 50

250 KPIs

Solution of more than 15 analytical modules and Dashboard

15 modules

Analysing the optimisation and effectiveness of your sales force and of your channels has never been so easy.

Why choosing our Analytical Suite?

  • Analysis and implementation times are short

  • The client is less involved during the project’s set-up phase

  • Focused analyses reduce the risks impact

  • Our approach is proactive and the analysis processes are guided

  • Future business needs are quickly identified

Analytics suite Data Warehouse Discover
Data Warehouse_intro

Data Warehouse

Trueblue has built a data model in which the customer of the life sciences industry is at the very center of all commercial activities. This customer centric view is a Trueblue distinctive trade-mark.

The long time Trueblue experience in the pharmaceutical market has been capitalized in designing the analytic model for the commercial departments of pharmaceutical companies, that in few years has become the European most innovative analytical system. The software tool integrates in a unique Data Warehouse all relevant pharmaceutical marketing and sales processes in order to provide all business analytics: reports, analysis and management dashboard. The system is provided with connectors to the most common pharma solutions (ERP, ETMS, CRM, IMS, Hospital Contract management systems, etc.)

Treublue has built a data model in which the customer of the life sciences industry is at the very center of all commercial activities. This "customer centric" view is a Trueblue distinctive trade-mark.

Trueblue Data Warehouse allows the end-user to integrate all relevant information for the Marketing and Sales processes, and becomes the basis for all analysis projects, reporting and management dashboards.

Trueblue Datawarehouse is checked and updated constantly through both daily and overnight procedures to allow access to an always update information.

Trueblue Business Intelligence provides a complete overview of all the enterprise indicators (KPIs) to measure the critical processes of the company.

Trueblue customer Datawarehouse offers functionalities on:

Sales Force Effectiveness Analysis

The final goal of this module is to support the Pharma companies in generating efficiency and efficacy of their specific Sales Force organization. Trueblue composes all the information the company stores in the Customer Datawarehouse to generate a custom reporting or analysis that suits the business needs for each specific targeted user. With more than 20 years of experience working directly in the Pharma market, Trueblue is able to provide more than three hundred KPIs and hundreds of reports. The sales force effectiveness analyses in which Trueblue has focused its attention are:
  • Field Force Reports
  • Business Units Report & Analysis
  • Management Dashboards
  • Activities and Sales Data cross-referencing
  • Finance Analysis
  • Medical Analysis
  • Multi-channeling analysis

Functional Benefits

Technological Benefits

 Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard module is the most effective solution to display all the relevant Key Performance Indicators together to monitor business trends. The results versus objectives indicators gap analysis are also displayed to verify goals achievement. Using this pattern, Trueblue has developed two Management Dashboards:
  • The top management dashboard, which encloses all company executive KPI: sales and Field Force sales performance, financial and production KPIs.
  • Area Manager / Regional Manager Dashboard that includes all territory performance indicators and objectives.
Trueblue Data Warehouse experienced analysts adopted their experience creating a tool intended to facilitate and support the information and decision-making needs of senior executives by providing easy access to both internal and external information relevant to meeting the strategic goals of the organization. Trueblue Management Dashboard is designed to be easy to read.

The Management Dashboard features:
  • 360° integration of company trend information
  • Graphical KPIs outputs
  • Customized dashboard creation flexibility to address decision maker personal needs
  • Continuous Company objectives gap analysis
  • Monthly data and trend historical store validation in order to correctly calculate historical trends
Management Dashboard module is available on laptops but also on iPad and other tablet devices.

Market Research

Marketing and market research database integration, in addition to territory information properly aggregated, provides to Marketing people an analytical cockpit which is extremely flexible and dynamic. Information from different sources can be cross referenced to help the comprehension of daily changing market requirements to forecast future trends. Furthermore the tool automatically provides and delivers Monthly Reports to users in standard format (web, pdf, office, etc.).

Market Research Module integrates all marketing database available in a country : IMS market data, or sales data from other suppliers.

Market Research Module is designed to manage the of all the data coming from different sources and channels.

To avoid any form of inconsistency, an unification is made, through an automatic match, of the Product Master:
  • Full-level matching for all channels at product level
  • Possibility of matching at package level, for the company' products
  • Full-level matching at package level, for those products that integrate the analysis with the Internal sales data
  • Matching for hospital packs that have only one retail match
At this point the creation of the infrastructure is carried out, with particular attention to the uniformity of the information within the imported database, especially in terms of Master Data and Products Hierarchy, Attributes and Indicators, Selected Markets and Reporting.

A Multi Book Report allows then access to analysis by the leading indicators and objects calculated.

The Trueblue Data Warehouse gives the possibility to create a Reference Market Database, built up with different logics depending on the product to analyze:
  • Possibility to structure dynamically the Reference Markets with a monthly update according to defined rules
  • Possibility to directly analyze the Reference Markets into Panorama in a structured logic
From this moment there's full freedom to create Standard Reports for each Business Unit, accessible through Reporting Services and exportable in any desired format (e.g. Microsoft Excel). These activities can be managed by Customer Analysts in full autonomy.

Field Force Report

The access to all company accurate pertinent territory information is essential to convert decisions in effective and focused local action plans. The Business Reporting Field Force module provides all this allowing Field Force people to access to all updated information concerning their territory, organized in easy to comprehend reports that monitor reps activity versus sales result for a rapid action tuning.

This module makes available any useful data collected by the CRM system, IMS data and ex-factory Sales in the Company, to better improve Sales Force efficiency. The Data Warehouse analyzes a large amount of data and generates ad hoc reports to the Field Force in order to
  • examine the work performances
  • monitor the work progress for each and every time period of the canvass thanks to the advanced pre-loaded logics planned together with the company (even with "flag indicators" when approaching deadlines)
  • observe any previous history of the prior canvasses
  • watch in detail the factorization of the territories
  • plan future actionsfilter out a large client pool by territorial, business and professional criteria
… and much more, with the possibility to instantly print, save or share any user-generated report.
Main features of Field Force Reports includes:
  • Clear and easy to use territory related information reports
  • Centralised, real time, password-controlled access to all pertinent information
  • User’s category differed access and push-mode information delivery
  • Integrates data from multiple sources (sales, reps activity, targeting activity, objectives,…) into one system
  • Delivery of analytical process analysis to Field Force

Regional Commercial Plan

The increasing autonomy of local health, sometimes even at a LHS authorities level, nowadays forces the Companies to treat each region, each county, as a separate market and, in this way, to outline different strategies.

The Regional Commercial Plan channel is an advanced analytical and strategic system that allows to determine, territory by territory and product by product, the business strategy in terms of objectives, means, resources and actions, and to consolidate all these information at a national level.

Local strategies can then be compared in regard of the obtained results, with the scope to redefine them in a closed-loop analysis cycle including planning, monitoring and results checking.

This module includes these features:
  • Regional, product and sales channel data integration and analysis
  • Objectives, tools and resources Regional Plan
  • Multilevel geographic Planning consolidation
  • Quarterly revision and tuning of the plan
  • Results versus objectives gap analysis monitoring

Financial Analysis

Today Pharmaceutical Companies are interested in analyzing Sales Force Effectiveness also on Financial Data: now the end-user can finally analyze financial data from effectiveness perspective.
The three most common scenarios are:
  • analysis on promotional investments crossed with typical financial KPIs like budget data;
  • analysis on field force costs (payroll, bonuses, leasings, fuel cards) against sales force activities data;
  • analysis on commercial logistics KPIs managed in the ERP.
Finance Analysis performed by Trueblue Data Warehouse is able to connect with ease with the many and various systems already located within the Company (ETMS/CRM, Initiative Management, Tenders, OTC, ect.) as well as the ERP system in use to retrieve data to be analyzed.
Finance Analysis performed by Trueblue Data Warehouse is able to connect with ease with the

Medical Analysis

Today pharmaceutical companies need to integrate also Medical information in the Customer Datawarehouse as medical information are related to the same customers like Hospitals and medical cost are part of the commercial investment of a company.
Trueblue has the ability to integrate medical data sources stored in the typical medical activity management solutions used in Pharma and to cross those data with other commercial company data.
The most common scenario is to consider the investments data managed by Medical Department like Clinical Trial, Education Grant, Advisory Board and other types of investments.
For these type of data the medical processes interesting to be analyzed are:
  • Monthly Budgeting process – the analysis of this process is very useful for a complex Pharma company
  • Medical investment operational management process – this process includes a specific expiration dates log book
  • Actuals management process
Trueblue has developed a business model to integrate those data and to propose specific KPIs on these Medical Analysis.



Geopharma is a cartographic solution that integrates physical geography with sales and marketing data in order to obtain a simpler and direct KPIs display for a more efficient decision process.
With Geopharma it is possible to use an innovative approach to sales analysis, to balance business opportunity and business threats related to the territory and easily follow the strategic company lines through continuous monitoring of market share, capability and competition.
The Geomarketing system contains:
  • Cartographic, chart and table data output
  • Chart and dashboard KPI display
  • Guided analysis process
  • KPIs geographically related to territory maps
  • Differed processes and indicators for Primary, Specialist and Hospitals
Trueblue Geomarketing system can be used also together with IMS Micro Brick shapes provided directly from IMS.
This Geomarketing module is normally dedicated to the Area Managers, as this is the perfect tool to better understand the Field Force effectiveness on the territory.


Geoterritory is the right solution for visual strategy and Pharma related territorial reorganizations.
Geoterritory module provides the ability to perform a cartographic analysis of the market range to better understand the potentiality, so to distribute proportionally the territory to the sales representatives.
  • Better resources allocation
  • Detailed territory management
  • Ability to recognize the temporary existence of high potential / low potential territories
  • Benefit and simplify sales people work

Multichannel Activities

The Multichannel Analysis is meant to complement nontraditional information from different sources (e.g. Web Data, Semantic Intelligence Data, Multichannel Contacts, E-detailing, Call Center contacts) stored organized into the Customer Data Warehouse, with traditional analytical data, and make use of this new point of view to better track the strategy of the investments and their efficiency.
The Multichannel Analysis Module, supports pharma companies in:
  • Understanding the business context and the strategic guidelines of the company on which to map and configure your instruments of multi-channel processing.
  • Carrying out the necessary activities to provide objective evidence for the choice and design of an application solution that can adequately support the company.
  • Defining the tools and resources needed to implement the projects.
  • Outlining the actions of organizational, managerial and technological able to address existing needs and support the defined strategies.
  • Evaluate investments and maximum time necessary for the realization of the policy areas identified (procedural / management / technology).
  • Coordinate and manage the project and the work team chosen for its implementation


For more than 20 years, Trueblue has been cooperating with the marketing and commercial divisions of the main multinational pharma companies