Different Solutions for specific process
all with one sole objective:
increase the sales

Multichannel Analysis

The Multichannel Analysis is meant to complement nontraditional information from different sources (e.g. Web Data, Semantic Intelligence Data, Multichannel Contacts, E-detailing, Call Center contacts) stored organized into the Customer Data Warehouse, with traditional analytical data, and make use of this new point of view to better track the strategy of the investments and their efficiency.

The most innovative concept in this module is the introduction of the Semantic Intelligence Data Analysis.

We know that patients, consumer's associations, healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, health insurances, payers...all of the also get, post, share, update and forward information on the Web 2.0, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing, the blogs, the webpages, etc.

Web 2.0 is the main open source of information in the world.

This information may be an opinion, a patient condition, a press release, a treatment, a side effect, an advert, etc., that deals with a specific drug.

A pharmaceutical company may find this type of information very useful to monitor its sales strategy, but how to proceeed?

Semantic Intelligence is the ability to analyze these information in an automatic way.

Through this Multichannel Analysis Module, pharma companies can do:

  • Data gathering: where there are posts, how many posts;
  • Analysis: understanding the community mood, understanding the text sentiment;
  • Action: web-marketing actions, reputation improvement;

The Multichannel Analysis Module, pharma companies can select:

  • Specific model for specific therapeutic areas:
  • Specialistic Products (to manage relationships through contents)OTC (consumer monitoring)Established Products (in parallel with e-detailing)
  • Location of the most reliable sources: sites/forum/blogs etc
  • Target definition and monitoring: Consumer – Associations - Pharmacists – Physicians
  • Global, National and sometimes territory information
  • Integration with Company CRM Database
  • Integration to Company Data (Activities, IMS, Sales, Initiatives, Call center, ...)